Android Mentorship program

Get involved with Android Beginners Mentorship Program

Welcome to my beginner’s android programming mentorship program. This program is designed as a result of many requests I have received from my blog readers.

For beginners starting off with android development, it can be challenge when you find yourself trying to understand how to implement something in android or why your code is not working.

A simple bug or limited knowledge in android can keep you with a problem for days without a solution insight.

One of the best ways to learn android development apart from personal effort (like reading android books, code practicing and debugging) is having a mentor that will always look from your shoulders and help you scale turbulent waters in android.

The advantages of mentorship program for beginners android developers cannot be over emphasized.

But for you to be accepted as one of the mentee you need to show that you have a burning desire and a great urge to become a better android developer.

Please note that this program is not a place where you will ask that a code should be written for you rather it is more of an interactive discuss about why what you have done is not working or an idea why things are done this way in android.

The android beginners mentorship program is tailored to individual needs and each mentee will be evaluated and help improved in areas that needed some improvement.

Note also that this is not a crash program on android. It is basically helping mentee with issues they face during android development.


Process involved in Mentoring

You have to indicate interest that you want to just my mentee program by adding me on Skype. Leave a message with Android Mentorship Program.

Skype username – henry.tochi

Location – Sweden

Once you are add, we will have a discussion on what you need and what you plan to achieve in the mentorship program.

If everything goes well, then you are free to make your monthly payment to be full accepted in the program.


What You Will Get From This Mentorship Program

  1. Available to attend to your questions and issues related to android development.
  2. You will get help with debugging your code to solve a bug problem
  3. Advise on what you need to read up on
  4. Detailed explanation on why things are done in certain ways in android
  5. A complete guidance while you development your android app


What you will not get

  1. Teaching you every topic in android development
  2. Writing a whole android program or feature codes for you.



The pricing for monthly membership in this program cost 100 US dollars. It is up to you to renew it at the end of every month or you can choose to enroll to this program with you feel you have so many issues you will like to clear up in android development.