Day 5 of 100 Days Android App Development Challenge for Beginners

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You are now on day 5 of 100 days android app development challenge for beginners. I hope you are having fun with the previous challenges. Remember you can ask question related to each challenge whenever you feel hooked to a task.

Day 5 Challenge is on Android RadioGroup and RadioButton

Today’s android challenge is to write an android application that contains a RadioGroup.

The child RadioButton widgets will be four in number and its layout will be horizontal.

Add an event handler so that when a single RadioButton is selected it will displace its position in a TextView

Task Requirements

1. On app launch, Activity A page will appear on the screen with GroupRadio and a TextView Widget

2. The RadioButton widgets will be layout horizontally.

2. Wire an event handle to the RadioGroup

3. When a single RadioButton is selected, it will display its position on a TextView.

Task Screen-shot

android challenge day 5

What happens when you are done?

Like I said in the instruction, you can host your solution in Github, bucket or Pastebin and share the link in the comment section with everybody.

I usually go through each link and let the own know where to improve or modify if need be.

What if I have a question during a challenge?

We are all here to learn and improve. Feel free to ask questions that are related to the task in question. There are many people out there that will help your out.

Why should I take part in this challenge?

If you want to improve and get better with your android development knowledge and skill as a beginner this might be a right decision for you.

This will also give you the opportunity to connect to like-mind android developers around the world.

What about having a sample solution?

I have created a sample solution to all the task we will complete in the next 100 days but since we are challenging ourselves, the solution to the tasks will be made available for download at the end of the 100 days.

Now is time to start

If you are high in spirit and motivated then hit the start button of your android IDE.


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