How Nigerian mobile app developers can use Admob Advertising in their Apps

App monetization and Admob advertising are big words making waves in mobile app development communities.

One of the questions I usually get from new mobile app developers in Nigeria or people who have good ideas that they want to turn into mobile apps is how they can monetize their idea to get some financial reward at the end.

Although there is nothing wrong with thinking about how to monetize your idea or an app that already has a large user base. Most people derive joy in seeing their apps used by many people and if the opportunity arises to make some money from it, why not, they go for it.

There are many ways to monetize a mobile app but we are going to focus on using Admob as a source of App monetization and advertising for developers. Before I proceed further I want to inform you that Admob may not be the best advertising service to use in your app. What most developers do is to experiment with different mobile advertising networks to see which one suits their need and with highest revenue generation. There are situations where developers combine different advertising services in one app or use a mediation system to make sure they get the right advertisement for their app users.

Right now, those who are not familiar with Admob will be asking what a heck is this Admob. Just relax; soon you will not only know what Admob is but also, you will learn how to implement Admob in your app in other to display clickable advertisement for your users.

Admob is a google advertising platform for mobile app ad publishers and advertisers. If you are familiar with web advertisement and have used Google AdSense before then you can look at it this way – Admob is for mobile advertisement while AdSense is for web advertisement.

In the words of Google, “Admob is leveraging the best of Google’s ad platforms. It’s designed for app developers, with an intuitive UI to help you start earning from your app quickly, create campaigns in minutes to acquire new users, and gain insights into your app’s performance.”

Admob offers publish the opportunity to make money by monetizing their mobile app while engaging their app users. Admob platform is so rich that it offers publishers the opportunity to connect with millions of Google advertisers. As a publisher, Admob provides features that make it easier for cross platform environment implementation or in situation where mobile apps are monetized across different platforms.

Admob gives you the opportunity to choose flexible ads or the kind of ads you want to display for your users. The filter ad feature also comes handy when you wish to block certain types of ads from displaying on your app.

Developers can also create ad campaigns with Admob in other to let more people see their apps and in return get more downloads. Admob lets you design and customize your advertisement the way you want it. You can also choose where you want to advertise your app and can select the amount of budget you are will to pay for your ad campaign.

The most striking feature of Admob is the statistics it provides to developer in other to track performance of their app. Its house ad is so huge and Admob has a network of over 300,000 apps where your own app can be advertised.

Advertise your app with Google Admob

If you are planning to advertise your app with Google Admob, it is so simple and easy to create a new ad campaign. The following five steps will help you do just that.

  1. Create a free Admob account if you don’t have one already
  2. In your account dashboard, provide the download link of your app, like app store link
  3. Add some text or icon that will be associated with your app
  4. Choose payment information and add fund to your account
  5. Set other options for your ad campaign

Become a Publisher with Google Admob (Integrate Admob SDK)

  1. Create a free Admob account if you don’t have one already
  2. Enter your app name
  3. Choose a banner
  4. Get Admob ad Id

The next step is to download the Admob SDK and integrate it to your mobile app source code. Don’t be afraid if you haven’t done it for the first time. It is so simple. I will recommend you go through Admob SDK integration user guide. It contains all the information and step by step guide on how to integrate Admob to your app.

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