Android Based Attendance Management with Bluetooth Communication

With the increasing adoption of computer there has been a continuous trend in moving manual based attendance management to computer system. Attendance Management system has application in different areas. A good example is managing student row-call and attendance. This can help teachers and school administrators to automatically see students that are low in attendance. It can also be used as a bench mark for being eligible to sit for an exam at the end of a course.


Problem Statement

Although there are many Attendance Management System out there for mobile, desktop and web, this research work will focus on using bluetooth as a mean of communication and roll-call.

Users must make sure that while a session is going on that their device’s bluetooth is enabled so that the instructor can process their row call.


Motivation and Challenges

There are few challenges associated with using this system. If a user failed to come to session with a mobile device that is bluetooth enable, then the instructor might omit to mark the user present if his or her device is not detected. Another important challenge is to devise a way to handle situations where a user decides to change to a new device which is not registered to his or her name.



This research will focus building android application that will help organizations or any institution that deploy it to manage their membership attendance in an efficient and easy way.

This is the list of features that will be part of the application

1. Scan all available participant registered mobile device

2. Ability to mark present for available devices

3. Ability to send attendance analysis report to each user

4. Beautiful UI and Graphical representation of reports

5. Remote admin panel backend for storing attendance report

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