Android Student Project Idea | Creating Efficient Time Management System for Employers through Finger Print Authentication and Location Geo-fencing

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Problem Statement

There are different ways employee attendance management can be carried out but most of these systems give room to dishonesty and seriousness because it can be maneuver by some employees. This single act has caused many businesses huge amount of money and in extreme cases lost of big money contracts.

This research work will focus on how to improve efficiency in attendance management through through fingerprint authentication and Geo-fencing.


Motivation and Challenges

Since research in other areas of studies has proved that human finger print is unique to every individual, it will be a unique way to authenticate people but not just anywhere. Through Geo-fencing, employees will be notify when to mark and check-off time. The downside of the system is what might happen if someone losses his or her fingers by accident?


Project Overview

This research case study will focus on building Automated Attendance Management System with Finger Print authentication for Businesses. This will help the user to calculate the amount of time each employee puts in monthly.

This app will have the features listed below

1. Send Authentication Request

2. Ability to authenticate with finger printing

3. Ability to capture user location

4. Send time to remote Admin web application

5. Ability to calculate total working hours per month


Screen-shot from the app

Screen-shot coming soon


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