Android Mobile Ecommerce Online Shopping App – Project Idea Source Code

I wrote a previous post that I am working on android ecommerce online shopping application and many indicated interest to have a copy. This is to let you know that the android shopping app is ready.

This ecommerce shopping app is for educational purpose. It helps students and beginner mobile developers to learn how to develop shopping app in android. If you went to use it for commercial purposes, please make sure you secure the payment system. I will not be in anyway responsible to any damage or lost of money that the app might cause.

The main aim of developing this full features android shopping app is to give students the chance to learn how to implement ecommerce application with reference source codes and documentation.

This android online shopping app comes with an Admin Panel that was built with Javascript, Php (Slim 3 Framework) and MYSQL database. The admin can manage the entire store through the admin panel.



BUY NOW ($15)


Authentication and Product Pages

Profile Pages

Checkout and Payment Pages

Admin Panel Dashboard


EER Diagram

Video Demonstration

Android Client App Features

Material Design

Product Categories

Detailed Product Page

Best Selling Product

Products on Promotion


Order History

Favorite Products

Store Information


Navigation Drawer

User Profile

Shopping Cart


Shipping Cost


Pay on Delivery

Pay Pal

Stripe Payment Gateway (Credit Card)


Admin Panel Features

Product Category Form

Product Form


Responsive Table


Discount System

Push Notification

Clean code with Slim 3



1 Android Java Source code

2. Web Admin Panel (Php and MYSQL)

3. Database file (.sql file)

4. Documentation


Android Apk Demo

You can download the android .apk file to test the app and see for yourself. If you experience any issues or want to add or remove any features, kindly contact me. Please note that some modification or personal customization of the app will come with extra cost.


Admin Panel Demo

Please note that in order not to over load my server, I have disabled all form submission buttons. But feel free to navigate through the admin panel to see all the features the admin panel has.

Test Login Details

Email –

password – testadmin



Use in a single app or multiple non-commercial app or for education purposes.

Regular License – $15 

Use in multiple commercial apps

Extended License – $100

Payment Link



BUY NOW ($15)


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If you have questions kindly contact me in the comment section or use the contact in the footer section of this page to get across to me



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