Android News App with Admin Panel in Php and Mysql

I have released a new android news app with admin panel in Php and Mysql. If you are willing to learn how to develop android news app, you can use this sample code.

Although, this code is not for free, but you can get it for 5 US dollars if you need it. You are free to use it in whichever way that suit your need.

This android News app comes with a php and mysql backend admin panel with features that make it easy to curate news for your users.

It supports news topic subscription for push notifications. You can send notification about new news published to users that subscribe to it. This will avail you to problem with application wide push notification.

This android news app was developed with Android Studio.


Click on this link to proceed with the download.


Below is the screen shots for this app

Android news aapp

You can contact me if you need the source code or the .apk file to test the app.



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