Android Online Quiz With Web Based Admin Panel – Project Idea Source Code for Students

I initially inform you that I am building an android quiz application that will work with remote MYSQL database. I received messages on when the source code will be released. The fact of the matter is that the development of this source code was delayed due to other issues beyond my control.

I have finally finished it and will like to us this opportunity to let anybody that have interest for this source code that you can now pay and download it immediately.

Before you proceed, it is a good idea to read about the features that are supported by this app to see if it suits your need.

The app is built with native android (Java) and the web admin panel was built with Php and MYSQL database. There is also a mix of javascript.

This android application source code is suited for android learners and students who want to learn how to build android quiz application. The source code is clean and it is easy to understand.

The quiz supports text and image questions. Each question has four answer options. Also, each question has a specific time that it should be answered.

Please note that this source code is provided for educational purposes if you are a student. Don’t take it as it is and submit as your course project. Read our terms of usage for more information.


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Some Screenshot from Android Online Quiz

android quiz app

android quiz app

android quiz app
Android Online Quiz App Features

1. User Registration

2. User Login

3. Quiz Categories

4. Quiz Subcategory

5. User Profile Page

6. Quiz Score Board

7. Quiz Settings

8. Quiz Question

9. Quiz Timer Support

10. Material Design

11. Remote Online Database

12. Online web based admin panel

13. Clean and beautiful code

14. Settings

15. Rate App



Manage User

Add, Edit and Delete Category

Add, Edit and Delete Subcategory

Add, Edit and Delete Questions

Manage Score

Manage Settings



1 Android Java Source code

2. Web Admin Panel (Php and MYSQL)

3. Database file (.sql file)

4. Documentation



You can download the android .apk file to test the app and see for yourself. If you experience any issues or want to add or remove any features, kindly contact me. Please note that some modification or personal customization of the app will come with extra cost.




Please note that in order not to over load my server, I have disabled all form submission buttons. But feel free to navigate through the admin panel to see all the features the admin panel has.

Admin Panel Link

login email –

login password – admin




Use in a single app or multiple non-commercial app or for education purposes.


Use in multiple commercial apps


This app customization price starts from $100 or above depending on the amount of work involved.


Buy The Source Code Now


Follow this link to complete your payment

If you have questions kindly contact me in the comment section or use the contact link in the footer section of this page to get across to me



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