Android Studio Fatal Error Initializing Plugin Code Iris

This is unlike my normal tutorials where we explore how to use or build things using different technologies. Rather we will focus on Android Studio errors that usually appear after updating Android Studio to the latest version.

This is my own experience. I got a notification on Android Studio saying that a new version (Android Studio 3.3.1) is available. If I will like to update to this version or do it later.

I decided to click on update Android Studio button. The whole updating process went well then when it gets to opening my project, Android Studio starts complaining about Android Studio fatal error initializing plugin Code Iris.

I could not open any of my projects. It can be annoying because now I have to leave what I am doing and focus on getting Android Studio to start working again.

I started by checking out what is Code Iris Plugin that I installed at a point in the past but I have not used it since then.

One thing to note is that this issue can also be caused by another third-party-plugin / library

Below is the solutions I tried before I get it working.

1. Restart your system

Since I updated Android Studio I thought that I should restart my system to see if there is  any component that has been installed that needs system restart.

Well, it did not work for me.

2. Delete all .Jar file in Android Studio Plugin Directory

The second option is to go to the path where you installed Android Studio then to configure/plugin folder and delete all the .jar files inside this folder.

Still, it did not work.

3. Delete the Plugin Directory

Finally, I decided to delete the plugin directory. After then I used the Task Manager to kill my Android Studio and start it again.

Boom!!! Android Studio is back again and working as usual.

At the end, I decided to share my experience here and hopefully it can help anyone out there.

Share Your own experience

I know that this is not unique but we will like to hear about the error message you have encountered after updating Android Studio and how you were able to solve it.

Please kindly use the comment box below to share your experience.

Also, if you have not find a solution to your android studio error you are free to share with us and someone knowledgeably can be help to you.

Now, I will say goodbye to Android Studio fatal error initializing plugin Code Iris and get back to work.


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