Android Survey App with Web Admin Panel – Project Idea Source Code For Students

The survey taking android app with web admin panel is a complete android application with full source code.

If you are a student and want to build something similar for your project, this source code and its documentation will help you easily understand every part of the application and how it was built.

The source code is provided for learning purpose only. Please do not submit this source as it is as part of your school. We will not in anyways be responsible for any consequences. Read our terms of usage for more information.

It is a good idea to read about the features that are supported by this app to see if it suits your need.

The app is built with native android (Java). The web admin panel is built with Php and MYSQL database. There is also a mix of Javascript.

The source code is clean and it is easy to understand.



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Flowchart Diagram

(Click to enlarge)

User Case Diagram

Android use case


Class Diagram

Android Survey uml

(Click to enlarge)


Database EER Diagram

Android EER diagram


Video Preview


Android Survey App Screenshots

survey android app

Web Admin Screenshots


Android Survey App Feature

Well Structured and Clean Code

The source code for this project is well structure and clean as can be seen in the UML class diagram

Built with Android Studio

The client android app was built with Android Studio. Once you download the android source code you can open it in Android Studio with no issues

Native Android Java App

The android source code is entirely code in Java and XML for the layout.

Web Admin Backend 

The backend web admin is built with Slim 3 Php framework and it exposes an API through which client applications communicate with the web backend app.

Sign In and Sign Up feature for Admin

The web admin panel is protected with a secured sign up and login system

Support Multiple Screen

The android app supports multiple screens

Material Design

The app followed android material design principles.

Survey Analysis and Stats Result

Each current survey is display with its statistics for easy understanding.


Package Includes

Android Java Source Code

Web Admin Panel built with Slim 3 Php Framework

MYSQL Database File

Flowchart Diagram

UML Diagram (Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram)

Database ER Diagram



Android APK File

You can download the android .apk file to test the app and see for yourself. If you experience any issues or want to add or remove any features, kindly contact me. Please note that some modification or personal customization of the app will come with extra cost.

click to download





Web Admin Demo

Please note that in order not to over load our server, we have disabled all form submission buttons. But feel free to navigate through the admin panel to see all the features.



$24      (33% special offer)

BUY NOW ($16)


If you have questions kindly contact me in the comment section or use the contact page in the footer section of this page.



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