Camera Translator All Language App

Lets be frank, there are many android applications in Google Play Store that can be used to scan a document, bill, invoice, notes, whiteboard and so on and the content of the text will be available to translate.

I decided to create my own personal camera translator app because I find it very useful especially when I travel to a new place where English is not the default language. Apart from that, I personalized it with other features that I need which I could not find on most apps

A case at hand is when I went to a shop in Germany, I have a list of what I am looking for but because I do not understand German and it is also a time consuming process to type every German word and convert it to English so I felt I can do better.

Download and Test Camera Translate 2018 Android App

I decided to build an android app which I can use to translate any foreign words to its English meaning.

Camera Translate 2018 was born as a result of it. I used it with couple of my friends. Later, I decided that I will improve and polish the app and share it with as many people as possible that face the same challenge I faced then that will like to use this app.

Camera Translate 2018 android app is useful when you need to extract text from an image or photo and translate the text content to any language of your choice.

You also have the possibility to add an extra word and let the app do the translation for you.

I am looking for people that will download this Camera Translate 2018 android app and give me so honest feedback.

The feedback and insights will go a long way in helping me to improve it more and in turn it will server its users very well.

Do let me know if you have any suggestion or comment.

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