Classic Chemistry Android App – One week after release

Classic Chemistry Android App – One week after release

My recent android app – Classic Chemistry was released one week ago and I wrote about it when it was released and informing you that I will keep an update on how the application is fairing in Google Play Store.

We all know that there is a huge competition in Google Play Store and most often, newly published apps get disappeared in the ocean of apps in the in the Play Store. Every android app developer wants to see their apps grow in ranking or occupy the top position in the Play Store.

Since I published my Classic Chemistry Android App, it has been downloaded 400 times with 5/5 in review.

Although this number is less than what I anticipated but I have hopes that the daily downloads will continue to increase since I have seen a considerable increasing in ranking among the keyword.

I am so glad that the review has been positive and I have received few messages from users about how good the app is and how it has helped them.

Some people have asked me why do I focus on Education apps rather than game? My usual reply is that I enjoy it when I help people to learn new stuff that will contribute in their future Education.

If you have not downloaded my app, I will be glad if you will download it and help to suggest if there is something to improve on or change.

You can download my Classic Chemistry android app below.

If you are interested and you want to see other apps I published, click on this link.

If you have questions and or suggestions, kindly contact me through the contact form or visit my contact us page.

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