Google Page-level ads in Beta Integration

Google Page-level ads in Beta Integration

I just found out today that Google has introduced a new kind of advertisement that is mainly targeted to mobile devices and website that is highly mobile compatible.

The new Google Page-level ads is currently still in Beta phase but they have open it open for Google ad publishers to try it.

Google Page-level ads comes in two different type – Anchor/overlay ads and Vignette ads.

Google website description the two different ads below.

Anchor/overlay ads is a mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissible.

Vignette ads is a mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be easily dismissed by your users.

It has a simple set-up and it does not count among the maximum number of ads Google allows in a page.

To install the following ads in your website, simple login to your Adsense dashboard. On the left side of the page, go the menu list and select the Page-level ads. Once you click on the link it will take you to a page that look like the image below.

google page-level ads

Choose the type of ad(s) you want to display by clicking on the toggle button on the right hand side of the page.

Below that section, you will see a blue that says Get code on it. You will clcik the button to generate the code for the ads you have activated.

Copy the generated code and paste it between the <head> tag of each page in your website.

Viola! You are done.

Sound simple! Yes it is simple to integrate.

Lets move on to test it to see if the integrate ads are working on our website. Please note that before you click the “Test it out” button, you must have generate the code and add it between the html head tag of your pages.

Click on the Test it out button and if every it goes well, you will see the add display on your mobile device.

There are some issues that can occur when testing your ads. If you see something like Preview tool not working?or a pop-up window like this

google page-level ads

Then you should follow the like to this page to learn more about the problem.

Please note that even when your test report say that the Preview tool not working there might be a possible that the ads are working. Since this ads are still in beta version, there are still few things Google will iron out in near future.

I look forward to hear how this ad has improved your revenue generation.

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