Android Tutorial: African Hairstyle App

In this android tutorial we are going to learn how to design and code a complete native android app. You are free the join the class if you are interested in learning how to create android apps.

Before we start there are few things we will not cover in this tutorial but I will provide important links that will help you solve any problems you might encounter.

1. Install IDE for Android on PC or Laptop

If you have a personal PC or laptop you wish to use for this tutorial, the first thing to do is to download and install eclipse, android SDK and ADT or Android Studio. You can google how to install eclipse or android studio and follow a tutorial that will help you just do that.

Right now you can get the android SDK integrated with eclipse IDE in this link

If you have any problem along the line that you cannot resolve, you can post the issues here and we will try our best to help you resolve it.

2. Using your mobile phone

Even if you do not have a personal computer, you can also keep your hands dirty by converting your mobile phone to IDE where you can write, compile and execute your code. There are many free and paid android apps that can help you achieve this.

This tutorial is basically for core beginners who do not know anything about android programming. So we will start from the scratch and build our knowledge up until we are done with the app.

This will be a series of posts that will focus on getting your working environment ready and going through the process of developing android app. It will cover the essential things you need before starting with the core tutorial.

We will talk about android and why we are developing for android.

Lastly, we will jump into the code and by the very end of it; you will have a working android application running on your mobile phone.

Along the line in this tutorial, if there is something that I did not explain in detail and you want me to throw more light to it kindly bring my notice to it.

You are free to ask any question you may have. At the end of the tutorial I will make available the complete source code of the application. It will help you understand in more detail how we will tie everything together.

You are free to download it and use it to do whatever thing you wish to do. Bear in mind that it will be a simple application. By the time we finish with this we will move on to a bigger app and by then you must have gotten some experience on how to develop android native apps.

What app are we going to create?

I have decided to create a simple android app called African Hairstyle. African Hairstyle app catalogues different African hair style and makes it easy for someone that wants to make a particular hair style to easily explain it with this app.

To have an idea of what we will be doing I have attached a screenshot of the app above.

App screenshot


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