How to become a Nigerian Mobile App Developer

Mobile device has taken a center stage in our world today. Mobile technology is changing the way we do things before and this trend has found acceptance everywhere in the world including Nigeria.
In many developing countries where there is few or limited wired internet access, many people are using mobile internet as a way to access internet and stay connected with their friends online.
With huge growth in mobile device sales, comes an exponential growth in mobile applications from third party mobile app developers.
There is a huge market for mobile application development in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country that has over 160 million people. This number shines a light on how big Nigeria market is. Any mobile app that serves 10 percent of Nigerians will have a download count of over 16 million.
Since there are limited mobile applications out there in the stores that have Nigerian or African context, many Nigerians are willing to use any mobile app that solves a particular problem we face as a country.

There is no time to become a mobile app developer in Nigeria than now. I have received many questions from people asking me that they want to develop their own app or turn their idea into mobile app but they do not know where to start.
This is always a typical question from a beginner but in this I article I will try to explain how you can set-off with a career or hobby in mobile app development in Nigeria.

Computer Education

Education in some sense defines a man. Enrolling in a programme that covers the basic concepts about mobile application development can help you start up your career as a mobile app developer.
Education in this sense is very broad because it can mean enrolling in a computer science or computer software development programs in bachelor’s level. Also it can be a sort of training specifically design for mobile application development. Each route has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will not be discussing here.
For beginners who want to become mobile app developers in Nigeria, there are many institutions and private individuals who offer courses in this area.
Please do a background check on any of them before you enroll yourselves. If you are still in doubt, you can send me a message and I will suggest some of the good schools to you.


The availability of information around us has made learning new things easier than before. There are many self-taught programmers in Nigeria who are on top of their game. People, who do not have time to spend in full-time program in school and or money to pay, can opt for self-learning.
Self-learning might seems challenging for many, most especially when you encounter a problem that you are not able to solve and no one around you can help you solve it.
It is easy to quit if you are not mental and physical determine to teach yourself how to program. Passion is also a driving force if you want to become a self-taught mobile app developer in Nigeria.
There are many website that host beginner’s tutorials in different programming languages and is so important because you can easily post any problem you face and other experience members will let you know how you can solve it.
There is other opportunity for self-taught “wanna be” mobile app developers in Nigeria. You can also register in many free online platforms that offer free educations on mobile app development courses. YouTube also has a large repository of video tutorials in different areas of mobile application development.


One area that can help you have a smooth start with learning how to develop mobile applications as a beginner is having a mentor around you who is experience mobile app developer. People usually don’t consider this option until you find out that a problem that might take you days or weeks to solve can be solved instantly with the help of a mentor.
The advantage is not even about your mentor helping you to solve the problem but also teaching why the problem occurred, what you did wrong and other concepts that will help you avoid the same or similar mistakes in the future.
If you are aspiring to become a Nigerian mobile app developer and you are still facing any problem that you feel I can be of help, please kindly let me you in the comment section or contact me using our contact form.


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