How to Program with your Android Phone Using Aide IDE Environment

We have received request from our readers that do not currently have a laptop or computer to write code but are interested in setting up an IDE on their android device that will help then write code as if they are using a computer, this android tutorial on how to program with your android phone using Aide IDE will be of great help to you.

I am here to drop this tutorial but what I need is your comment so that it push me forward to continue writing, The amazing part in this tutorial is that you can try all android tutorial codes shared on this website easily.

You must have the following requirement:

  1. All Android versions from 2.2 are supported.
  2. At least 8 GB extendable card (memory card/SD card).
  3. At least 225 MB ram on phone.
  4. Good internet network(ISP).
  5. 600 MB Data

Now to setup Aide IDE, download Aide IDE (See the download link at the end of the tutorial)  and install it on your android phone. After Aide IDE has been install you will see the following page.

Aide ide new project
Now click on new android project, and you will also find the following image.
Aide ide create project
Now, change the hinted name in the Name field with the name of your android project eg Physics, and in Package Name clean company.myapp4 and type your package name. You can start it will your company name in reverse order eg com.induces mile.physics, and click on create

Running the App

Running an app project with AIDE is easy. Just select “Run” from the option menu. In order to run your app, AIDE will first build an Android application package file (APK) for your app. An APK file is used to distribute and install application software onto the Android operating system. The APK file contains all of your program’s code, resources, assets, certificates, and manifest file. You will see a popup showing the progress of the build.

Run on a non-rooted device

Once the build is finished, AIDE will install the APK and run the app. On a non-rooted device, in order to allow Android to install the app you must have the”Unknown sources” option enabled in the Android settings. If this is not the case Android will show a dialog stating that the installation has been blocked. The dialog gives you the option to go to the settings and enable”Unknown sources“. Once you have done re-run the android application again.

On a non-rooted device you will see Android’s app installation dialog asking you whether to install the app. Choose “Yes” and your app will be installed on your device. You will see a dialog asking you whether to run it. Choose “Open” there and your app will start. AIDE’s Physics “App” will show”Physics” in the center of the screen.

Run on a rooted device

If your device is rooted and you have the AIDE Premium key installed, you will not be bothered with install dialog when running. AIDE will install the .apk file silently and start the app immediately.

If you have a question or issues on setting up Aide IDE on your android phone, kindly use the comment section below and ask for help. It will be fun if you can share your experience with us if you have ever programmed on your android phone.