Note Scan Android App -Project idea source code for students

Photo NoteScan android app is a productivity and utility app for students. Photo NoteScan helps students to scan lecture notes, receipts, invoices, textbooks, whiteboard and the scan documents are neatly arrange in folders for easy accessibility.

It support many features that like converting a scan copy to PDF file. You can move, copy and share any scan documents with your school mates.


The following features are supported.

1. Ability the categorize all scanned notes and documents.

2. Possibility to share as PDF or JPG files

3. Image optimization and enhancement

4. Document digitization.

5. Ability to print single and multiple pages

6. Ability to rename categories and files

7. Save document in gallery or any location of choice

8. Send document as email

9. Compress and share documents

10. Move or copy files

11. Folders and files can be deleted any time


This source code is for learning purposes when you purchase. Please do not submit it the way it is as your school provide. Note that we are not in any ways responsible to what this action might cause you.

Photo NoteScan stores its data in android local database. Android Room and LiveData was used to implement this feature.

Other data like files are store in the device internal storage system. The source code covers different aspects of Android API so you will learn a lot from it.


Future Updates

As we continue with the development of NoteScan, the following features will be added in the next update.

1. OCR support (You can also download one of our apps that extract text and translate it here)

2. Cloud backup.

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Example of published source code

See source code in Play Store





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