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100 Days Android App Development Challenge for Beginners is a way to encourage android beginners to improve their android development skills in 100 days.

It is quite difficult to learn programming alone. Many people who have tried it end up quitting because they feel lonely, alone and in most cases do not have someone to talk with or share their programming experience with.

With the help of this 100 days android development challenge, you will be able to share and interact with other participants in this challenge. You are free to ask questions if you face any difficulty in your daily challenge. We will try as much as possible to help you find solution to your questions.

If you are reading this post now and will like to follow this challenge then you have to note the following.

  1. This idea is focus on making you become better android developer
  2. It will help you connect and share knowledge with other android developers
  3. You can easily get help with questions related to android development
  4. It might be challenging but it will help your understand how to plan and how to maintain a strict deadline as a developer.
  5. The daily challenge process will instill a sense of discipline to work in you.
  6. It will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and consistencies

If you are convince and ready to take on this challenge, the first thing to do is to set up your development environment if you have not done that before.

You can install Android Studio in your computer for a start.

To refresh your knowledge on android development, you can download some free beginner’s android books available online or you can use Google to search any android topic you want to read.

Set up of 100 days android development Challenge

The android development challenge starts from day 1 of the challenging. New challenge will be added every day until we get to day 100 of the challenge.

It is going to be tough but with determination and passion your will pull through. One thing to have in mind is that you can always ask questions and get help.


Can I follow it my own own?

The decision is yours to make but if you can afford to do this simple task consistently for 100 days you will see where you will be as a developer.


How can I share my daily challenge code?

You can create a public source code repository account with Github or Bucket then upload your daily challenge code there. You can share the link to the code in the comment box related to the challenge.


How to ask question about a challenge?

Please make sure your question is related to the daily challenge where you are asking the question. It will make it easier to get a fast and honest response.


How will I know the current day challenge?

The list of challenges that have been post will be updated after a new challenge has been posted. You can going through all the listed challenges here and see the challenge number.


Can I send a feedback, question or suggestion about the daily challenge?

Yes, we will be help to receive a feedback or suggestion on how to keep improving the challenge and to make it fun to participate.


What are you waiting for? Start now

If you are ready to start then move over to day 1 challenge.


Day 1 of 100 Days Android App Development Challenge for Beginners

Day 2 of 100 Days Android App Development Challenge for Beginners

Day 3 of 100 Days Android App Development Challenge for Beginners



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