C++ Introduction and Overview

C++ is multi-paradigm, general-purpose, and compiled programming language.

It is sophisticated and efficient. Operating systems of today, games, browsers make use of C++ as their major language which makes it one of the most popular languages.

C++ which is properly pronounced as ‘see plus plus’ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrupin 1979 at Bell laboratory is an extension of C programming language.

Stated earlier as a multi-purpose language, C++ has enriched features, going through all of them might be time consuming, but as a beginner here are some you should definitely know:

  • Multi-paradigm programming language

 C++ technically supports different styles of programming which makes it easy for you as a programmer to choose a comfortable one.

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

 Helps to solve complex problem, when used in C++ it makes it easier to divide the complex problem into smaller sets.

  • C++ is fast

 Unlike C language, C++ is fast and robust, this gives a great boost of speed that other high level languages do not give.

  • C++ Library

It has a standard in-built library, this library has effective and efficient algorithms which can be used for solutions. This helps to ample time reinventing.

  • C++ is typed statically

 It is a statically typed language which means the type checking is done in the compile-time. This helps the compiler catch bugs before the execution of the program.


  • C++ is here to stay

It is majorly used in games, browsers, modern applications such as Facebook, Amazon, Adobe.

  • Pushes you to understand your computer             

The knowledge of C++ gives you the opportunity to understand the architecture of your computer, as your code will interact with the hardware.

You will learn how data is been stored and retrieved.

  • Large Community of C++ developers

Stackover is a good place to start as it the number question and answer platform for developers. Over 70% of questions asked on the platform concerning C++ has been answered which shows a great deal of activeness.

You can expect awesome developers to assist you in solving real life problems.

  • Huge Salary and Job availability

There are over 5000 job opportunities monthly for C++ developers with great compensation. Most especially from companies who are into windows application, games, graphics, and engines.

  • Open source Projects

You can find great open source projects on Github ranging graphics to web development and more. You can start your project as well.

C++ Areas of Applications

Because of the verse features and APIs present in C-plus-plus, this language has found usage in different applications development areas like in games development, operating system, native mobile application, GUI and much more.

To get started with C++ there are two basic tools we need: A compiler and an integrated development environment (IDE).

This will be discussed in our next topic C++ Installation and Environment setup.

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