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android Dictionary App
Android dictionary application is a sample application you can use to set up a term and its definition. It is targeted to niche fields and professions. A typical example is a Medical dictionary that list all medical terms with a thorough description of them.

New Update Version supports Android X

It is very concise with elegant design. You can easily replace the dictionary database with you own database and you have a dictionary.

I created this Android Dictionary App from scratch so be less assured you will get the kind of support you desire.


Features Support

1. Android Studio Full Source Code

2. Monetize With AdMob (Banner + Interstitial)

3. Google Analytic Implementation

4. Local Database

5. Wikipedia Support

6. Text-to-Speech Support

7. Re-skin Support

8. Material Design



The price for this app is $5.

Please note that if you need a special request for this app customization or complete re-skin of the app, it will attract additional cost.


Files Included

.apk, .java, .xml, .db


Android Software Version

Android API Level 14 – 23.

Android 4.0 – Android 6.0


Android Studio

This app is developed using Android Studio. It supports both mobile phones and Tablets


Money Back Guarantee

14 days money back guarantee


Code Knowledge

No code knowledge required


Documentation /Re-skin

This dictionary app is very simple. First, open the assets folder, you will see another folder named databases. Inside the databases folder, there is a .db file. This is a sample .db file that contains biology dictionary.

You can open the .db file in SQLITE Database Manager to edit the content of the file with your own content. You can as well create a new database file and replace it with the default one.

If the new database does not have the same name as the default, you need to open the database package folder and double click on file, change the default database filename to the new one and you are done.


For Re-skin

Open the drawable folder, change all the image resources with the same file-name to your new files. You can also open the colors.xml file located in the values folder to change the colors to your chosen colors.


Source Code

The source code for this application will be downloaded after purchase. You can test the app with the demo .apk file attached. Contact me if you need the demo file.



android dictionary app

android screenshot

$5.00 – Purchase Includes 0% tax

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