Android Word and Picture Quiz with Categories and Local SQLite Database Storage for 5$

Android quiz with word and picture is a complete quiz application that is ready to be installed and use.

It is a native android app. It uses local SQLite database for data storage. The quiz app has categories and new categories can also be added or delete.

The UI is elegant and appealing but it can be easily customize to suit your design need.

Android word and picture app is also good for student who are new to android and really want to understand how to develop quiz application in android platform.

The code is well documented and the project comes with a document file that describes everything you need to know in the app.


android picture quiz



1. Android Full Score Code

2. Local SQLite Database

3. Text Quiz and Picture Quiz

4. Unlimited Quiz Categories

5. Unlimited Quiz Questions



This application costs 5$

Please note that if you need a special request for this template customization or complete re-skin of an app, it will attract additional cost.

Please note that I can help you with the following customization if you do need it. The cost is excluded from the cost of purchase of this app.

  • Reskin
  • Admob key integration
  • Addition and removal of features



.apk, .java, .xml, .db



Android API Level 14 – 23.

Android 4.0 – Android 6.0



This app is developed using Android Studio. It supports both mobile phones and Tablets



14 days money back guarantee



Android – Java basic knowledge

$5.00 – Purchase Includes 0% tax

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