Published App Source Code Purchase

We have available source codes that are purposely develop for android and mobile application beginners. Our source codes offer them the opportunity to learn how some features and applications are download in android and iOS.

Beside this, we also have apps on Google Play And App Store. We build our published apps with tested idea which can bring in millions of download if you know how to promote and market mobile application. The good thing is that we have taken the burden of developing the app away from you. Rather, you will focus on growing your app user base.

If you are also interested in buying off our own app that has been published already with all the downloads and statistics from Google and Firebase analytics. you are welcome to discuss it with us.


Below is list of our published app you can buy the source code

  1. Camera Translator All Languages – Since published (less than 2 months) – Total downloads – almost 10,000


Below is the list of soon to be published app in the store

  1. Video Download
  2.  Screen Capture & Voice Recorder
  3. Foto Math Calculator
  4. Video Editor


If you have any questions kindly contact us.



50% Discounts On Projects

Do you have a custom project with a clear requirements, we are currently giving a 50% discount on all projects.

We will work with you to ensure we deliver what you need.

If you have questions or want to chat with us, you can reach us on Skype (henry.tochi)

Languages and technologies we use - Java, Kotlin, Laravel, Vue, React, Flutter, Swift and more.