Total Chemistry Android App Complete Source Code and App Transfer

Total Chemistry Android App Complete Source Code
Total Chemistry android app is your great chemistry companion app that is well designed and easy to follow. It covers almost from chemistry topic for high school chemistry and undergraduate fresh year.

The following topics are covered in this total chemistry app.

Chemistry Brain Teaser

Chemistry Tutorials

Chemistry Formulas

Chemistry Laws

Chemistry Functional Groups

Chemistry Organic Reactions

Chemistry Organic Laboratory Solvents

Chemistry Tools like Periodic Table, Molar mass calculation..etc

Chemistry Dictionary

Amino Acids

Organic and Inorganic quizzes


Google Play Store Link

Total Chemistry android app has been publish in Google Play Store since October, 2015 and has gain around 20,000 downloads.

Right now it gets below 150 – 200 downloads a day. The good thing is that it has continuous to increase in ranking and in no time, the daily download will keep increasing.

The link is here for you to see – Google Play Store


Features Support

1. Android Studio Full Source Code

2. Monetize With AdMob (Banner + Interstitial)

3. Google Analytic Implementation

4. Local Database

5. Navigation Drawer

6. Re-skin Support

7. Material Design

8. No programming skills required



$0 – $3 daily



This app has three different price tags depending on what you need.

1. Complete source code with no content – $5

2. Complete source code with content – $50

3. For complete transfer of the app to your Google Play Account cost – $1000

Please note that if you need a special request for app customization or complete re-skin of the app, it will attract additional cost.


Files Included

.apk, .java, .xml, (.db – for source code and content buy)


Android Software Version

Android API Level 14 – 23.

Android 4.0 – Android 6.0


Android Studio

This app is developed using Android Studio.


Money Back Guarantee

14 days money back guarantee


Code Knowledge

No code knowledge required expect if you want to do heavy customization.



A comprehensive guide on how to set it up.


For Re-skin

It is very easy to re-skin. Most of the images and assets included can be easily changed to something of your choice.


Multiple App License

The Multiple App License lets you use the item in a project that will be sold.

Multiple App License is more expansive than the regular license.

Items purchased under the multiple app license must not be redistributed or resold “as-is”.

What you can do:

You can integrate the component in Unlimited projects.

Source code can be sub-licensed/distributed as part of a larger project.

Cannot distribute/resold the Source Code “as-is”.

Commercial use allowed.

You can customize the Source Code.



I will as much as possible to help. Please be clear in your questions and I will try as much as possible to response as soon as possible.


Before You Order

Please kindly contact me and let me know the option you want to buy before you order.



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