How to change application launcher icon in flutter

Every mobile app should and must have a launcher icon. In flutter, it uses the Flutter logo as the default flutter icon.

Flutter logo

Today, i’ll introduce you to a simple package that makes it easy to change your launcher icon.

Import the flutter_launcher_icons from pub and import it to your pubspec.yaml file

flutter_launcher_icons: "^0.6.1"

Now, Prepare an app icon for the specified path. e.g. icon/icon.png

Next, back to pubspec.yaml, add this code to your dev_dependecies section.

  image_path: "icon/icon.png" 
  android: true
  ios: true

NOTE: you may change icon/icon.png to what you want.

Now, head to tour terminal and run this command:

flutter pub pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main

That’s it. That’ll generate app launcher icons for you.

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