Introducing Quick Airtime Android App

Quick Airtime Android App


Quick Airtime Android App

App Description

Simple, Secure and Smart Mobile Application for Mobile Recharge & Airtime Topup. Offers Multiple Topup, Recurring Billing, Reseller Accounts and Giftcodex support.


Superb design, multiple topup which is great for multiple device users, best bulk sms execution. Also several payment options


Too many payment gateways may be confusing especially as some of the payment gateways are not inapp.


Best International Mobile Recharge App

App Setup

There are very few Nigerian apps that can be labeled global. Quick Airtime is truly global. It is available in 31 languages including Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, and has a localized feed for each country. Setting up the app requires localization and users can either choose to have the app in the country local currency or USD currency.

Users go through two app setup pages where they provide email (For transaction reports) and phone number (For bulk sms sender authentication).

General Use

Using the app is pretty basic. As fast as it can be and after a transaction has been initiated the first time, it can be initiated from the transaction history.

The multiple topup feature is the best part of the app. I tested with ten phone numbers and it worked. It saved me a lot of time.

It works by using the save button to queue all selections and then pay in one swoop. And subsequently, it can be reinitiated from the app menu.

Quick Airtime Android AppPricing

The service price for international topup on Quick Airtime appears quite decent. It offered me 12% on my ATT USA purchase through interswitch whereas I got 5% discount for the same purchase through Paypal. However there were no discounts for UK and South Africa while Nigeria only provided discount via interswitch payments.

According to the team, the discount depends on the payment gateway choice and availability of merchants.

Quick Airtime Android AppBulk SMS

The Bulk sms feature in this app is the best bulk sms execution for casual users.

You can create and send instantly without having to purchase and store credits.

The Bulk SMS Feature is powered by open SDK. See below;

Comparing With Similar Products

Quick Airtime Android App

Comparatively, it is impressive especially as it is one of the few mobile apps developed with portrait and landscape view. Most apps are locked to Portrait thereby depriving users of a widescreen experience.


Quick Airtime App is great to have. Technically, it is one of the best designed apps in our ecosystem. The green color scheme is simply pretty. The product is traditional and could be better with more inapp payment systems. The quickest payment was with Paypal checkout and it was quite impressive.

The bulk sms feature makes it a must have for traditional bulk sms users and the welcome recharge by inviting friends is a great.

See app download link below for android and other device types.



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