Sponsored Post – Introducing android app: Blog Hub version 1.0

Introducing android app: Blog Hub version 1.0

The blogging sphere is so saturated with many bloggers competing for a tight space. Research survey claims that about 12 blogs are created every minute worldwide. And out of this 12, only 2 will survive the first five years of existence. No wonder, many bloggers within the first year of starting lose focus and abandon their blog. Most Bloggers don’t even plan the niche they want to blog on. They just start blogging blindly without proper plans and research.

Blogging needs proper planning, research and analysis before starting. Unfortunately, wannabe bloggers lack these insight.

To combat this discouraging trend, app developing company LibertyDigitalapps have developed an android app called blog hub version 1.0, to help bloggers increase their productivity and blog revenue.

Blog Hub

Features of blog hub 1.0.

1. It has a well structured and illustrated packaged lessons for both word press and bloggers. Lesson has topics ranging from starting a blog, incorporating google adsense, how to apply adsense to maximize blog revenue, security, links and SEO building plus, various ways to promote your blog.

2. A blog directory to help drive links to your blog. Users of the app can straight away visit any of the sites listed in the directory straight from the app.

3. A blogger dictionary to help bloggers become more familiar with the blogging terminology.

4. An FAQ and solutions to common blogging issues like, how to make visitors comment on your blog, how to drive traffic to your blog.

5. News feed as it related to the blogging platform is also an added module to the app.

Blog hub

Without controversy, blog hub is definitely a must have for every blogger. Download blog hub, follow the suggestions and watch your blog ranking increase over time.

Download blog hub at play store on the following link

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