How to Set Up Android Quiz App With Web Admin Panel

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Do you have a set up video for quiz app  .

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Hello, thanks for your purchase.

Right now we do not have a video for installation and set up since the documentation is really simple.

Below is a concise step you should follow to set up the your Android Quiz Application.

Web Admin Database SetUp

  1. Go to your database server
  2. Create a new database or if you already have a database then import the database sql file in the project to create all the tables the application will need.

SetUp Web Admin Project

  1. Copy the onlinequiz web admin project to your web server
  2. Inside the root directory, open the settings.php file and add the following database details
  3. 'db' => [
                'driver' => 'mysql',
                'host' => '',
                'database' => '',
                'username' => '',
                'password' => '',
                'charset' => 'utf8',
                'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
                'prefix' => '',


Go to dependencies.php file in the project root directory and search for the code below.

$container['view'] = function($container){$templateVariables = ["url" => __DIR__. '/public/'];
 $view = new PhpRenderer($container['settings']['template_path'], ['public_path' => '']);return $view;};

Assign the public_path array key the path to your web application public folder. Example is changing

['public_path' => '']) to ['public_path' => 'http://localhost'/quiz/publuc/]

Edit Js.js file

Go to the public folder in your web application, open the bootstrap folder. Inside the bootstrap folder, there is a js folder. Open the js folder and the open the js.js file. You will see the following line of code

var urlPath = "http://localhost:81/onlinequiz/public/";var path = "http://localhost:81/onlinequiz/public/subgroup";

Change the path to check your web app address. For example, if your web app is hosted in the url below – then the paths above will look as shown below.

Var urlPath = "”;
 var path = "";

Android Client Application

There is just a few configuration you need to do in your android client application.

First, import the application into your Android Studio.

Open the package folder, you will see a folder named utils. Double click on this folder to open it. Inside this folder, open a file named and search for the following lines of code.

public static final String PUBLIC_FOLDER = "";
 public static final String PUBLIC_API_FOLDER = "";

Change the path for the PUBLIC_FOLDER and PUBLIC_API_FOLDER with the correct path for your web application.

Web Admin Login

For admin web login, you can use the following credentials for login.

password: admin

You can change your password in the settings sections of the web admin panel after setting it up.

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Hi I followed the set up instructions  but I cant login to admin panel (Login failed! try again), I’m using as username and admin as password.

am I using the correct username and password.


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